Are You A Starseed? | Law of Attraction Support

Do you feel as if you just don’t belong here? Were you the strange one in the family? As a child I never liked eating meat very much – you don’t do that when you’re from Texas, the land of family bar-b-ques! I was always quiet and just couldn’t bear to see the cruelty that people seem to interject on one another.

Did you grow up watching science fiction movies and loving when they explored space in search for alien life? My brother and I used to love Star Trek – the one with William Shatner. It’s on Netflix now, but the sets are so cheesy it’s hard to watch. As a child did you play “adventurer” and go exploring whenever you could?

As I look back, I believe these were some of my first clues that I may be a Starseed. What is a Starseed? Dolores Cannon calls them “The Three Waves of Volunteers”.  Dolores Cannon Books .  I feel like I am part of the first wave of volunteers from the information Dolores had received from her many clients.  The first wavers have a difficult time adjusting to life here on earth.

Watch the video below to see if you may be a Starseed too.