Chant Your Way To Wealth | Manifesting Prosperity

Chant for prosperity!  Here is a short and simple chant that may just change your life.   Have you ever chanted before? For most, probably not. When you meditate it’s important to clear your mind of unwanted thoughts. Thoughts like – what are you going to make for dinner? or did you pick up your dry cleaning? etc. This is why most people don’t meditate – they simply can’t quiet their minds long enough for the benefits of meditation to take hold.

Chanting when meditating clears your mind of unwanted thoughts so you can concentrate on the things you desire – like prosperity. This is the first chanting I’ve ever done and I’m so grateful for my friend at for sending it to me.

Immediately when chanting I felt a change in my whole  being. When I felt that, I believed that this was something that would help me remove any blocks I may have to manifesting prosperity.  We all know the condition the worlds’ economies are in.  It’s difficult for everyone these days and when you fill yourself with doubt and fear you create blocks to manifesting prosperity.

After trying this for just the first time – about 3 hours later I had an incredible experience with a prospect I had been working on for 4 weeks!  Was it a coincidence or was it the chanting?  Believing is seeing and it is well worth a try….

Understanding The Higher Level of Manifestation

In this video clip from Bashar, he explains that we create our physical experiences by merely shifting to parallel earths supporting that frequency.

This is why we should not concentrate on changing the outside circumstances. Every time we change our frequency or vibration (our emotions) we shift to a slightly similar reality – which we probably won’t notice. But if we make a major change in our emotional state, we will begin shifting to a parallel reality that will support that emotional state – and we will notice that! And there are billions and billions of them.

How about living an experience where everything goes your way or you have a constant flow of circumstances that keep you joyful and loving. You can choose to live in an emotional state of joy, love and excitement or anger and frustration.

Change your emotion and you will shift to a parallel earth dimension that supports that emotion.



How To Access Your Higher Mind

This wonderful video by Bashar clearly explains your higher mind and most importantly how to access it. This will enable you to learn how to communicate with your higher mind and follow it’s path for you to begin to experience your preferred reality. You must learn to have your physical mind and your higher mind work together to keep you on your preferred path of manifesting your desires.



The Hidden Secret To Successful Manifestation

When we have a sense of urgency to manifest anything… that’s when we create blockages for ourselves.  It’s very easy to hear about the Law Of Attraction and how great it works, but when you are in a crisis of some sort and really need to manifest money or a job… sometimes it just won’t happen.  It’s not happening because we are not allowing it to come to us – we are blocking the flow of energy that is trying to reach us with our desires.  Next comes discouragement and finally a disbelief in the spiritual law itself.

Now the question becomes, “how does one remove the valid emotions (vibrations) that are stopping you from manifesting what you want”‘?  The answer is very simple and you’ve heard it hundreds of times.  You must clear the blockages, that is, open up and face the thing that is blocking you from manifesting what you want. [Read more…]