Proper Communication To The Universe

The first step in creating a new reality is deciding what you want.  But this is a two edged sword because when you really want something or worse, when you really need something you have just put in an order of “lack” to the universe.  There are only two ways to communicate to the universe – the having of something or the absence/lack of something.  In other words, if you really need a job because you don’t have a job, you are coming from a place of “lack” or “absence” of a job.  And guess what, the universe gets your order for a vibration of  “I really need a job because I don’t have a job”, so the universe will match the vibrations (emotions) of fear and panic that go along with the absence of a job by keeping you without a job!  If you need or want something, it’s because you don’t have something.

It’s a catch 22 isn’t it?  You really need a job or a new car, but you can’t act, feel or think like you really need a job or a car.  So, how do we communicate what we need and want to the universe without coming from a place of absence or lack?  How do we  eliminate the fear and doubt that constantly plague us night and day when we are going through a real crisis?  How do we get to the place where we can manifest new desires quickly and easily?

The answer seems to be well…. simple and difficult.  It’s like nothing we’ve ever been taught to do before in our entire lives.   You have to be it, live it and experience it in a detailed visualization where you are the leading character in your new reality.  Once you do this type of visualization, the correct way, along with trusting God and with the acceptance that nothing happens by accident – that opportunity often comes disguised in the form of misfortune or temporary defeat… are done placing your “new reality” request to the universe in the correct manner.

That is your first part in the Law of Attraction process.  Why? Because your desire is already “form” in the invisible realm and it’s simply a matter of timing until you see it in the physical.   Your second part is too allow it to become physical.

So,  no more visualizing or thinking – just allowing.  You have added the ingredients and now it needs undisturbed time in the oven.  If you constantly change the recipe, what happens?  It never gets made, right?  Add your ingredients once and leave it  to bake.

Then,continue day to day by looking for the good in life and doing activites that give you joy.   Look for anything that will keep your emotions up high.  What makes you happy and grateful?  Keep doing those things!  Why?  When you feel happiness and gratitude the universe will match those feelings and bring you more experiences and opportunities to make you happy and grateful.