The Hidden Secret To Successful Manifestation

When we have a sense of urgency to manifest anything… that’s when we create blockages for ourselves.  It’s very easy to hear about the Law Of Attraction and how great it works, but when you are in a crisis of some sort and really need to manifest money or a job… sometimes it just won’t happen.  It’s not happening because we are not allowing it to come to us – we are blocking the flow of energy that is trying to reach us with our desires.  Next comes discouragement and finally a disbelief in the spiritual law itself.

Now the question becomes, “how does one remove the valid emotions (vibrations) that are stopping you from manifesting what you want”‘?  The answer is very simple and you’ve heard it hundreds of times.  You must clear the blockages, that is, open up and face the thing that is blocking you from manifesting what you want.

Your emotions are the fuel for the law of attraction.  If you are going through any kind of crisis, it’s very difficult to manifest anything by affirmations or imaging when deep down you feel paralyzed by fear.  What ever negative emotions you are feeling, although justifiable, they must be cleared.  Most blockages are caused from fear, either imaginary or real.  Imaginary fear constitutes the “what if” questions.  Real fear is  driving and your brakes go out.

Facing your negatives and fears does two things.  First, it removes the power that it has over you and second being open to the fear or even the “concept” of acceptance will remove the blockage.  You’ll know when you have removed the blockage because you can actually feel it.  Now you know where the term “grip of fear” comes from because that can be felt too and it’s what you are feeling when you have blockages.  The muck, the heaviness, the confusion….. they are all signs of blockage.  You can’t receive the constant stream of energy that Abraham-Hicks speaks about when you are blocked.  Energy flows through us not to us and it always seeks the path of less resistance.

So, how do we unblock ourselves?  Simple.  We talk ourselves into at least the concept of acceptance of what we are resisting.  For instance, I am having a financial crisis of my own.  I may lose my home, my family will be split up and part of us will move in with family members in another state.  Since March, I’ve been fighting this in my mind.  I don’t want to lose my home, be dead broke,  inconvenience other family members.  With this economy, I’ve been going through some humiliating and demoralizing events.  I’ve cried, begged God, refused to get out of bed, tried to get answers from others etc. and things just wouldn’t change…. until I did this one thing.

I decided to become “okay” with foreclosure and moving.  I went to a quiet place and simply talked myself into acceptance.  First, I decided that maybe since I didn’t get answers I was looking for that the best thing was for us to move.  I said, “I can’t see the big picture like God can and this might be the best thing for us.  We might even kick ourselves when we get there for not coming sooner.  I might find the perfect job for me or the perfect mate or the perfect home.  I’m going to trust the universe that this will all work out.”  I talked it over with my family and they were excited that we may be coming and assured us that we are family and we’ll support each other and make it work.  And so….. maybe I did this a few times until I got used to the idea and I could think of moving without the dread associated with it.  And you know, something opened up in me and I felt really at peace and things looked different.  I felt light and free.  I could feel the change in my solar plexus area.  All the tightness was gone.  What I was feeling was power…. I had my power back.  I could think of foreclosure and not having a job and it didn’t upset me or make me sad.  I felt that whatever happens, happens and God is in control.  I’ll continue to do my best and look for opportunities, but whether I stay here or move, I’m okay with it and I’ll look forward to a new beginning.

Another way to do this is to write down your blocks.  For instance, the fears of ending a relationship.  Your fears are imaginary…. fear of being alone, fear of starting over, fear of less finances etc.  Now turn everything around to a positive.  The end of anything is always the beginning of something new!  It’s your imagination that you’ll be alone forever.   Why should you?  This may a course correction from the universe so you’ll finally be able to meet your perfect mate – focus on the positives this change may bring.  Let yourself be open to all that the universe has to offer.  Let every change be a new beginning for you.  The universe loves you and only wants the best for you.